Our square foot garden...and chickens
This is my new garden, all finished and laid out and just waiting for warmer weather for a bit more spring planting. The bottles you see stuck in it are my experiments with cloches. Note: the pop bottles and V-8 bottles work far better than the old milk jugs. The milk jugs tend to collapse when you try to push them in the soil.

We made the paths with thin concrete blocks we found near the house. Scattered throughout rural America are piles of old wood, concrete blocks and ratty furniture tucked away just out of sight. If you only know where to look, you will find a veritable goldmine of raw materials for your backyard projects.

Here's a sneak peak at another project I'll detail later, when it is finished. This old sofa actually came from our front room, then sat in the drive for a month or two, but it is typical of the kinds of discarded items you may find at these wonderful little eye sores treasure piles. Don't you see old couches and think "chicken tractor?"

Bear about leaped out of his skin with excitement when I told him he could rip the fabric off the old couch. He diligently went to work and has it almost ready for us to add the nest box and wire.

I need to try to finish that up next week, and none too soon. Those little rascals went from this:

to this:

in a week. How dare they? At least they still peep. And that little peep is why Mouse named the previously unnamed chick Reepacheep.

Now if only I could get a couple of goats...