35000 words
On my other blog, I asked whether blogging can get in the way of living by allowing you to distance yourself too much from what is going on around you. The resulting discussion was interesting but then SisterLisa of Apples of Gold Ministries had to go and throw this in:
They say a woman speaks over 35,000 words a day or something crazy like that?
And I started thinking. And listening to myself.

Breakfast is ready. Go get dressed. Get your underwear off your head. Take the dog out. Close the door. Get off the bookshelf. When I just told your brother no, why would you think it is a good idea for you to do it? Who let the dog out? Get your notebook. What do you mean you can't find your pencil? You just had it! OK, we can play 20 questions...who's first? Why are there chips in the cassette player? Aye aye aye...

I think...and I'm just guessing here...I may have my 35,000 words used up by noon.

This has been around awhile and though I don't use too many of the more famous parenting lines, our house has enough of its own to ring true.

What do you say with your 35,000 words?