My baby diagnosed with eczema
Almost two weeks ago, my little L.E.Fant began to develop a rash. First it was just some red patches behind her knees. Didn't know what that was, but she obviously enjoyed the lotion we put on it because as soon as we grabbed the bottle, she flopped on the floor and stuck her legs in the air.

But then little bumps started to develop. And little bumps started to spread. And she was really (really) fussy. But that could have been because she missed her sister. She loves her Mouse dearly and Mouse was off in Kansas.

The rash spread to cover both legs and both arms. Hundreds of little raised bumps. It bothered me, but apparently doctors only worry if there is an accompanying fever. So they didn't want to see her unless it spread.

Tired of waiting, I went to Google. And I learned (again) that Google is not my friend. See, I couldn't really find any rashes that looked like hers. The closest I could find was this one:

And that would be a picture of a child infected with small pox. I might have worried a tad more if she had other symptoms. Like fever. Somehow, Google turns headaches into brain tumors and rashes into small pox. I routinely diagnose myself with diseases I cannot pronounce before I finally am wise enough to stop googling.

But the rash did continue to spread. To her stomach and back, although not as severely as on her little arms and legs. And then to her precious little cheeks. I teased her that she was turning into a toad and she giggled and rolled around saying "Toad! Toad! Toad!"

But the nurse at the other end of the line still wasn't that concerned. Asked me if I wanted to wait a couple more days. No, not really, I said. I felt better just being sure. So she made the appointment but made us wait a couple more days.

Finally, a week and a half after the first call, we went in and the doctor diagnosed my little angel with eczema . . . one of the worst cases he had seen. Wow. Eczema wasn't that big of a surprise, but I don't think anyone wants to surprise a medical doctor.

Now we begin the exciting journey of trying to find what helps and what triggers her rashes and trying to keep her as comfortable as possible. Fortunately, she doesn't seem too uncomfortable and while she calls her bumps "owies" she doesn't really mess with them at all. And as for triggers, she seems to have developed a sudden aversion to clothing.

I even gave up on her soft fluffy purple jammies she normally loves so much and plopped her in bed with just a diaper. But I think that has more to do with being a goofy one year old.