Seeking submissions
Wow. Having a life sure takes up more time than I remember. It isn't the time so much, as the end of the day tiredness and satisfaction of having done something that lends itself well to sleep over the somewhat listless activity of surfing the internet.

Some of you may remember that we have been looking at properties here and there. We may have found one. A lot of work, but we'll see. We made an offer, but ran into another interested couple today while on our daily patrol attempting to discourage the vandals who have been stripping the place of anything of any remote value from the heat system to the copper wiring.

Anyway, I'm hosting the Carnival of Homeschooling on Tuesday, and for all you homeschoolers out there, I would love for you to participate! You even have a handy dandy submission form to make your job easier. And if you already submitted and haven't heard back from me, yet, I'm terribly sorry. I should be getting to that shortly.