Of boys and frogs
My boy has a deep and undying love for frogs.
Mom, I'm just curious about frogs.
He says in a most forlorn manner when asked about his fixation. Enough frogs were beginning to go through our house, subjected to baths with the Bear and dying at the end of a day of over-handling that I began to worry about the local population. I'd hate my son and his fascination to be responsible for the extinction of native fauna.

So when he and his sister ended up with a gray tree frog each, I decided enough was enough. I wasn't going to be responsible for any more frog deaths if I could help it.

I had them drop the frogs into our little observation chamber, called my parents and went shopping. We bought some tropical house plants, some soil and had my parents bring along an old ten gallon aquarium and some driftwood for their visit. Soon, we had a "habitat" as Bear calls it. You can actually make out Bear's frog, Catch, in the top right hand corner on top of the driftwood if you look carefully. That is where he sits all day, everyday. You'd think he was a lazy bum, unless you saw him go after a cricket. That little guy can move! I can see Heidi, Bug's frog but only because I know where she is...Near the top, just left of the driftwood near the center of the tank and all the way in the back. She is more active, but spends most of her time in the pothos.

Now Bug has a place to keep all her crickets, too. I wasn't sure how she would take her beloved crickets being fed to the frogs, but they are so much happier in the terrarium. They sing now, something they never did in the assortment of jars she kept them in before.

I couldn't think of anything to demonstrate my children's approval of the new frog habitat better than this:

They dragged their sleeping bags into the front room and made a tent so they could camp out next to the frogs, listen to the crickets and pretend they were "in the wild."