This land is my land...
Have I talked about our housing issues here before? I'm not sure. To make a long story short, we are soon to be a family of seven in a 900 square foot house. I am edgy any time it rains because all I do is trip over children and their toys who have nowhere to be but under my feet. All day long. I'm not even sure what to call our rooms anymore.

None of them have a single purpose, nor even a dominant purpose.

So we have been alternately considering moving and adding on to our house. We tried moving once. The house sat on the market for six months with three whole showings and no offers. Not looking forward to a repeat of that! But somewhere in all our musings about what we would really like if we weren't confined by pesky things like reality, a sudden idea came to us.

Why not just buy the land we want? Five acres or so to build on? We can take our sweet time, and I can take the children out there to run like the wild creatures they are. If we purchased something close enough, we could even use it. Plant our orchard. A nice sized garden. Start fencing off a portion for a few goats. Plan the house of our dreams and give me something to look forward to when I feel like snapping at the children for having the audacity to play in the only space allotted to them to play. Right under my feet.

Then we started looking at land. Ha! Forgot about that pesky bit of being in the middle of where all of Lincoln's growth appears to be. Up the road, single acre plots are running over $200,000. Without the house. But not ones to give up hope, we still do an occasional search of different real estate sites, talk about "how nice it would be if" and go on about our day.

Until the other night. We came across two plots about five acres only minutes from my husband's work. Minutes! If we built a house there, we could conceivably cut our fuel costs in half. And we could afford the property without selling this one first.

So of course, my imagination has been running wild. Mind you, we looked at a summary on the internet (no photo available) and I drove by it today not-really-on-the-way to the library. But already I have my orchard planned, my first vegetable garden laid out and two areas fenced off for the goats and chickens respectively. My daughter is trying to wedge a horse somewhere into my musings, but as far as I've gotten is the egg and honey selling business which will help us save toward the horse.

Wondering if the $30 a day fee for the stall at the Farmer's Market in Lincoln would be worth it for selling our extra crops?

It is all so fresh and exciting when your dreams aren't marred by anything at all like actual reality.