Across State Lines
TV can mess with your brain, especially when you are not really that used to watching it. I rarely watch television, not receiving any actual channels where we live. At my parents' house, however, we at times get a bit overloaded with the two gazillion channels available on U-Verse. Friday, the day before we returned, I watched three episodes of Captured and one of Deranged. That last one really was deranged, being about two men who had a partnership in murder. I don't know how exactly you find someone to join you in becoming a serial killer, but I actually don't want to think about it too much.

Anyway, on Saturday we drove back home. We crossed the mighty Missouri river at Brownville and as we came down from the bridge, I noticed police in yellow vests pulling over cars. Every car was being diverted as officers peered through windows and spoke with the drivers.

My heart leaped into my throat. Photographs of a dozen murdered women flashed through my mind thanks to the programming I had watched. My actual thoughts were not very coherent, but they definitely seemed to suspect that either someone had just been abducted or a body had just been found.

It never once occurred to me that I was crossing the border between a state noted for its liberal fireworks laws into a state noted for its strictness just days before the Fourth of July. So when I rolled down the window and the officer asked me if I was transporting any fireworks, I was visibly relieved. I doubt the officer had ever seen anyone so happy to be asked if they were transporting fireworks before. Maybe it was a tad suspicious, but he just smiled at me, nodded to the children and waved me through.

And I was free to breathe again.