About the mashed potatoes...
If there were certain bites that were perhaps a little lumpier than they should have been...perhaps were even reminiscent of uncooked potato mooshed in with the rest of the mashed potatoes, please let this picture make up for those slightly less savory bites.

While I was finishing up peeling potatoes, Bug, otherwise known as my curly headed sunshine, toddled in to ask in her sweet little toddler voice,
Mommy, can I help you?
So I asked her to get me another potato. She then climbed up on the step ladder and asked if she could peel it. How can you resist a request like that? So she worked away at peeling that potato while I sliced the ones I had already peeled and dropped them in the pot. I had expected her to give up by the time I was done with this task, but alas she has a determination suitable for a toddler.
I a big girl now! I can peel the potato!
She announced when I offered to finish for her. How silly of me. She chatted on about her potato while the water began to simmer. She chipped away at the peel of that potato while the water began to boil. Finally, she declared the potato peeled and handed it to me to chop.

She proceeded to push the step ladder over to the stove so that she could put the potato in the water to boil. There was no way out of it. The potato was placed into the pot when the others were almost done.
I a big girl! I help!
She announced. And what is a mother to do but kiss those oh-so-kissable cheeks and say,
What would Mommy ever do without your help?
And so that is why some bites of the mashed potatoes were a little crunchier than others. I hope you savor them more as I did now that cause of the flaw has been revealed.