Candy and medicine
Well, I haven't been spending much time on the computer, being here in Kansas visiting my parents and all...or at least I haven't spent much time blogging. I have been playing Webkinz with my children. As some of you might have guessed. And about that 5AM phone call. I am used to calling my husband at all hours of the day and night because he works all hours of the day and night. It didn't even occur to me that he might actually be at home in bed at such an odd hour until his sleepy voice answered the phone.

But I had to share something funny my oldest said. The children were given a little tube of mini M&M's at church last night to bring home and fill with coins for the mission project in the Sudan they are supporting. As my daughter was eating them this morning, she noted how things have changed over the last couple of months.
Mom, I used to pretend these were pills and I'd eat them over a few days.
It isn't fun to pretend they are pills anymore.

Poor thing. She has enough pills to no longer feel like pretending. Why do kids do that, anyway? I remember at her age I used to drink my soda by plugging the straw with my thumb and dropping the little bit of soda stuck in the straw into my mouth. I was pretending it was medicine.