Update on my daughter
Well, I've been rather busy with my project over on Principled Discovery and since the week has had a more personal focus, I've neglected my poor little space over here.

But I thought I'd update everyone on my daughter since some people have emailed me and I'm sure many more have wondered without emailing. I wrote more about this here, but basically my daughter has had some unexplained rectal bleeding which wasn't of too much concern until it started so heavily I had to take her to the ER.

So now she has been seen by her doctor, the ER staff and a specialist and had blood draws taken each time. At the children's hospital in Omaha, we got to meet a phlebotomist who was afraid of shots, which we found rather comical.

After the last round of blood work, they found an elevated sed rate, which means inflammation is present. She will be having a colonoscopy to hopefully determine exactly what is causing the trouble. The appointment is set, but unfortunately we weren't home when the doctor's office called so I probably won't find out until tomorrow.

Please be praying for her and our family. It is probably nothing serious and there is a large array of things which could be causing the problems. But we are naturally a little nervous...no one likes to look at a list of possible causes and see things like "autoimmune disease" and "cancer," no matter how unlikely they are. And little Mouse is a bit more than just nervous about her first time "going under."