Whaling? Oh my...
Well, we have been discussing whales all weekend long. Friday, my daughter decided she would like to fill our time between now and the next unit in history studying 19th century whaling. That was really what I had in mind when I asked her. (NOT!)

So anyway, in preparation, we have been writing down lists of things we need to know and ideas for resources to look for. We determined week one would be about whales, since...well, since I figured I could come up with a week's worth of material about whales over a weekend. As opposed to 19th century whaling. What on earth do I know about 19th century whaling? What on earth prompted this interest?

I am raising a strange daughter, but I digress.

Last night, while I was tucking my two year old Bug in to bed, she looked at me with excitement in her little blue eyes.
Mommy! Mommy! God made the whales!
I smiled and brushed a curl out of her eyes as I assured her that yes, he did make the whales.
That is so good because without them, cars couldn't go!
Suddenly, I realized my poor toddler thought we had been talking about wheels all that time.

So now I have to plan a unit on 19th century whaling and figure out how to teach my two year old the difference between wheels and whales. And unteach her the process of wheel manufacturing. Because right now, I'm seeing a Chrysler factory in heaven and it just isn't working for me.

Oh, and for a field trip idea, my nine year old thought it would be neat to go on a whaling trip. Not a whale watching trip, but an actual whaling trip. With harpoons and all. I tried to explain the grossness of that, but then left it. I said maybe we'd find a movie about it at the library. And then go to the IMAX to watch the whale movie they have playing there.

The joys of home education...

Picture courtesy of my daughter's sketch book.