New lenses
On Wednesday, my husband had the lens of his right eye replaced. The doctor measured his eye and from that was able to fashion a lens. A small incision and the natural lens was removed and replaced with the artificial one.

I am still amazed that our eyes make transparent, living tissue. And our minds have been able to figure out how that living tissue works to such a degree that, with a few measurements, we can replace that tissue...and the eye can still work.

And for my husband, be improved. Just a day after the operation, he was already seeing slightly better and he hasn't even gotten used to the lens yet. He can still see the edges of it and gets a little bit of a headache from the difference. But that should pass soon as his brain adapts.

Sight is something that we generally take for granted, but just thinking about the eye and its incredible design really gives pause for reflection about just how intricate life is.