About that four pounds...

So not too long ago, I start a work out program. After two weeks, I weigh myself and find I have actually gained weight.

I have since passed by the scales with nothing more than a contemptuous glare. We are at war. Thursday, however, I decided to engage in the battle again. The person who had weighed themselves before me had rather insolently left the scale at where I weighed back in college. I'm not sure if they were taunting me, or adjusting the scales to deceive whoever followed.

But I decided to resume the weekly measurement and was pleased to find I had lost a pound.


But then something occurred to me, so I set the scale to zero.

And guess what? The scale balances at four pounds, not at zero. So I never did gain four pounds. And there is the little something to hold on to some of you asked for.

Check the calibration of the scale before using it.