The best birthday present ever

I wouldn't normally get all that excited about a candy bar. But this one came from my daughter, my dear nine year old Mouse. She gets no allowance, earning what little bit of money she gets by shoveling the drive way and cleaning the whole restroom. And her parents are cheap. We do not even pay minimum wage.

Over the last couple of months, she has managed to scrape together a few dollars, one of which she spent on me. For my birthday present.

No one told her to.

No one even made arrangements to take her to the store.

No one made any suggestion that anyone should purchase me a present for any purpose.

But she has been pestering her father for days to take her to the store so that she could get my present. In fact, she wanted to go to the gas station where she knows my favorite candy bar is sold. Unfortunately, she had to settle for second-best.

But is there second-best when it comes straight from the heart?

Thank you little Mouse. Your generous and loving heart amazes and humbles me.