If you want your child socialized...
If you want your child socialized... is a little older, but is by far the most popular post I have had (not counting the coverage of the Busekros case). I thought of it today because we are about to embark on a 15 hour journey...not counting stops. If that amount of time sitting elbow to elbow with your siblings does not develop your abilities at getting along with others, I don't know what will.

If you want your child socialized, you will have to send him to school. While he is getting ready, you'll have to pack his lunch.

When he gets to school, the children will probably stare at him because he isn't wearing the same brand of jeans.

Math will probably be review for him, so he'll know all the answers. The children will call him "calculator" and the teacher will give him extra worksheets. He'll probably learn that it is better to stay quiet and pretend not to know the answer.

Halfway through the morning, he'll start to get bored. He will probably begin to kick his legs, tip his chair and tap his pencil. The teacher will have to move him to the seat next to her desk. He'll ask when it will be time for break and she'll remind him to raise his hand. He'll raise his hand and she'll tell him it's time for silent reading. The children will probably giggle and he will just stare at his book.

Finally, it will be time for lunch. The teacher will remind them to keep their hands at their sides, to stay in line and not to talk. They probably won't be allowed to talk at lunch, either.

Your son will probably sit next to a girl he recognizes from church. She will smile and another boy will whisper to them. Your son may learn a rhyme or two and possibly some new words. She may blush and he will forget not to talk. He probably will shout. The lunch aide will take him to the office.

While he is in the office, you will probably get a phone call. You will find out your son does not know how to interact with his peers, is a disruptive influence and has difficulty concentrating. They will probably ask you if he has ADHD and recommend you take him to a doctor.

When it is time to pick him up, you will probably find him standing alone. He will tell you school was fine, but will refuse to answer any questions. He'll probably complain of a stomach ache. He'll probably have too much homework to have time to play with his friends.

And chances are, if you want him to learn social skills, you'll have to pull him out of school.

Inspired by that great children's book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (in case you didn't notice).

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