Homeschooling, blogging and vacation
I am getting ready to leave on vacation. Since even the wilderness has internet accesss these days, and we recently purchased a laptop, I was planning on keeping up with my blog the whole time. Then I thought, "What? Are you nuts?" So, I changed my plans.

Instead, I am going to repost some old favorites. My favorites and yours, as determined by traffic, links and commments. For my long time readers, I hope you will enjoy revisiting them. For my newer readers, I hope you will enjoy the introduction to this blog.

And I have a favor to ask of you. Select your favorite post from your blog and enter it in the Mr. Linky below. It can be current or old. Then I will have some reading to do when I get back and not have to get overwhelemd when my Google Reader says "1000+" in the corner.

And do not forget about the Homeschool Network. I may be a little slower in responding, but I will still be checking and sending off invitations!