Results of the balloon race
Back in July, I took part in an internet balloon race. Entering Eternity released the balloons into the internet and all who were interested picked them up. September first, she gathered them all up to see whose balloons had traveled the furthest. And I won! Here are the results:
Third place: 1,524.08 km, from Tribuswinkel, Austria to Rasta/Lørenskog, Norway

Second place: 7,423.52 km, from Dortmund, Germany to Lincoln, Nebraska

First place: 12,437.16 km, from Lincoln, Nebraska to Auckland, New Zealand
Thank you for picking up my balloon, Embejo!

That was more fun than your average blog meme, and with a geography lesson packed in as well!

Und ich möchte mich besonders bei Suriel bedanken. Ohne solche niedliche Fellnasen, hätte ich von dem Wettbewerb nie gewusβt!