A flight of fancy, balloon release
In elementary school, we released hundreds of balloons one day to see if any would be found and the messages answered. And I dreamed for months about the exciting adventures mine undertook. Mine was not among the few that were answered.

I have always wanted to find one of these balloons for some odd reason, but I think they have gone somewhat out of style recently. If only those pesky sea turtles didn't eat them. I thought about that last year when my husband found a weather balloon. And again last week when I came across a modern, environmentally-friendly version of the ones we released in school.

Over at Das queirlige Leben unserer Fellnasen (a blog about gerbils), I picked up a balloon which was first released by Entering Eternity. It is part of an air balloon race to see whose will go furthest. If you want to participate, all you have to do is collect your balloon here. Stick your information on it (I just used my computer's Paint program), post about it and leave a comment for the person whose balloon you found. (That would be me).

On September first, Entering Eternity is going to take on the exciting task of tracking them down and seeing whose flew the furthest. Good luck with that!

Oh, there's a package of balloons to be won. But I'm more interested in seeing just how many balloons float across the internet! Here's mine: