Judy has done a wonderful job with her first time hosting the Carnival of Principled Government. Ten entries for the tenth edition so you should be able to zip through them pretty quickly. Enjoy!

Also, the Carnival of Homesteading is up. I believe the next one is to go up today already, but living more simply never gets dated.

Also, entries for the Carnival of Homeschooling are due tonight by 6PM. You can submit your entry here, through the carnival submit form. I think I had better do that. I think I wrote about homeschooling this week...

And so long as this isn't a real entry, I'll add this here. I decided to join the rest of the crowd and stick a MyBlogLog thing in my sidebar. It's down at the bottom. I'll play with anything for awhile. I wasn't sure exactly what you are supposed to do with them, and figured the best way to see why they seem to be so popular was to try it out for myself. I haven't figured out exactly what the point of joining a community over there is, but if you want to join mine, go for it. We can be our own little clique!