Education Ministry succumbs to liberal disease
For obvious reasons, the title caught my eye. I could make the same argument about the Department of Education and No Child Left Behind. But I think I have done that already. Probably more than once.

A while back, we heard about teachers dropping the Holocaust from their lesson plans in order to avoid potential difficulties with Muslims in the class.
It found some teachers are dropping courses covering the Holocaust at the earliest opportunity over fears Muslim pupils might express anti-Semitic and anti-Israel reactions in class. Daily Mail
That was in the UK, but would you have expected anything like it in Israel?
( Arab schoolchildren in Israel will be taught next year that the founding of the State of Israel was a tragedy (Nakba in Arabic) in accordance with a widespread Arab view of the event. Arutz Sheva
So now Israeli citizens will be paying their tax money so that their education system can teach Arabic children the tragedy of the Israeli presence in the Middle East?
Teaching the "Nakba" to Arabs is the latest in a number of dramatic moves by Tamir, a left-wing professor and Peace Now founder who has campaigned against subsidies for Jewish religious education while backing Arab nationalist programs. Ibid
How did she get to head up the Education Ministry in Israel? Unfathomable. Does it appear that all the world is succumbing? Is there an antidote?

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