Neubronner case to come before court
The Neubronner case in Germany is an interesting one. At the moment, they are being required to pay 6,000 Euro or face imprisonment due to their decision to homeschool. Unlike other cases which have gained international attention, the Neubronners are not homeschooling for religious reasons. In fact, they have been homeschooling under the authority of two school teachers with regular monitoring. This makes them much more easily to identify with from a German standpoint. They pose an interesting question.
We are ready to endure this because it could be a strong signal for the public discussion if well-educated, well-integrated, intellectual [Is it possible that intellectual doesn't fit here? More along the lines of "rational" or "rationally thinking"?] parents (no trace of a "parallel society") get imprisoned because of compulsory schooling. Learning Freely Network
They are right that this would be a case more likely to attract the sympathies of the average German. Something else which caught my attention that just did not seem right to me:
The appeal court denies us the usual financial legal aid for poor complainants because of "missing prospect of success", so we will have to pay for all court costs. Ibid.
Don't we offer court-appointed attorney's to defend everyone we prosecute?

At any rate, if this case is successful, it could open a door for other families seeking to homeschool in Germany.

And why are the Neubronners homeschooling? Quite simply because their children came home physically ill from school and do not wish to return. The court rejected the argument, obviously. But in the paperwork was an interesting attachment with this table on school violence in Berlin, Germany. Note the general trend:

(In order: Threats, Insults, Blackmail, Bodily Injury, Dangerous Bodily Injury, Mobbing, Robbery, NeoNazi activity, Vandalism, Sexual Assault, Other., Total)

That would leave me feeling sick to my stomach, too.