A positive look at homeschooling
Last week, I looked at entry about homeschooling over on Wikibooks. It was not anything terribly new, with the same stereotypes propogated without anything to really back them up. I was thinking about posting on it, but Alasandra already did a very nice job of that.

Ironically, so did Kelley McBride of the Green Bay Press Gazette in her article, Students fight myths about homeschooling. It is even about us right wing fundamentalists who dared pull our kids at least in part for religious reasons and the opportunity to teach our children our "narrow" views. But somehow, we don't come across that way at all. Nice job, Kelley. And nice conclusion:
"Education really is being able to handle the situations in the world and knowing how to properly respond, and just being able to live a good life," Lawyer said. "Homeschooling focuses on education as...teaching them how to live life."
A positive article on homeschooling is always appreciated now and again, especially when it is not trying to divide the homeschooling community by confirming some stereotypes but pointing out that not all homeschoolers are "like that." Of course we are not all "like that," but most people would be surprised how not-like-that even most conservative Christian homeschoolers are.

Hey, the comment by the public school teacher is even supportive of homeschooling.