A glimpse at baby...isn't s/he adorable!
We are now at ten weeks and got to see the first glimpse of Baby. This one certainly is active! It won't be long until the little tacker won't have much room, anymore, so I guess s/he should take advantage of it now. Then s/he'll have gravity to contend with. The children were all fascinated with the ultrasound, and the technician gave them each their own copy of the picture. My daughter put hers in an album and we need to get one for the other two.

My baby is now beginning to swallow, the kidneys are beginning to function and the lungs are taking shape. S/he's already pretty good at waving around those arms and rolling around, but the feet were mostly curled up to the tummy, with only a few little kicks. The heart rate was normal, although we couldn't hear it quite yet.

I love my obstetrician. He is professional, but friendly. He delivered my son, but then we moved and I chose a doctor closer to our house. Can you believe that he actually asked me during the final stages of labor (when the epidural didn't arrive so I was experiencing and unexpected natural childbirth) whether I wanted a tubal ligation? Bad timing. He nearly got kicked, but I could have just as easily thought it a good idea, only to regret it later.

I overheard my doctor talking to a woman in her final days about this same procedure while waiting for my exam. He laid out all the pros and cons and stated that he sensed by her questions that she wasn't entirely certain. He emphasized that he would do what they wished, but also noted the difficulty of reversing the procedure and the failure rate. I thought that a much more refreshing approach to the topic. She asked the question and he gave a reasoned answer addressing her concerns and encouraging her to think about it and be absolutely certain before proceding with a permanent solution.

We're looking at an April 19th due date at the moment. My doctor assures me it will be a boy because so far I have gone girl-boy-girl so this one has to keep up the pattern. He also assured me my son would be a girl, so I'm real confident in his gender predicting abilities.

Oh, and thanks for the kind comments regarding nausea. I don't know that anything really helped but time, but I am feeling much better now. Still a little tired, and afternoon naps are a glorious thing, but the nausea now comes in small bursts rather than lasting all day.

This may be my last post for a bit because I am leaving the state to visit relatives. Feel free to come and swoon over my beautiful baby as many times as you like!

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