$700 in prizes and some links
First off, because everyone likes a chance at $700 in free products, check out Life in a Shoe's contest. $700 in free stuff for guessing how many items are in Vision Forum's new catalogue. Does anyone know (and want to tell me) how much was in their last one? My husband discards stuff like that if I leave it laying around too long. Not that it would help me much. About the only thing I ever win is the cake walk at any little fair having one. My mom was sick of cakes after school fairs. And my baby seems to have the same knack. At the local church's fall carnival, she won the cake walk three times! Three dozen cupcakes was her reward. Just what a 16 month old needs. (We did what any good government does and redistributed the wealth, exacting heavy taxes).

While you are there, check out the Carnival of Kid Comedy. She may have just thrown it together because she is on vacation, but kids never tire of amusing bits of life to share.

Also don't forget the Carnival of Homeschooling over at Homeschool Buzz. Nice 40's theme.