Carnival Announcement...and a note on my jab at public education
While I can't imagine anyone visiting this blog hasn't already been to the carnvival, I thought I'd better get the link up, just in case. Why am I always behind on this? Anyway, the Carnival of Homeschooling is rocking over at the Lilting House.

And for anyone who didn't notice, that entry on a name for my homeschool was not serious. See, it even made it into the Carnival of Satire. Someone on my other blog commented that she thought I was serious until she got to the actual names. Sorry about that...I did think later to change the title, imagining that my little jab at public education would go totally unnoticed due to a rather uninformative title. Oh well. There is still time to vote (just check the sidebar). And I've had some other suggestions, as well...I like these:
The 1984 Ministry of Education.

The Bill Clinton School of Etiquette and Integrity.

The David Duke and Jesse Jackson School of Racial Harmony

Xavier's School for Gifted Children

The Norman Bates Child Depository

The Susan Estrich Center for the Destruction of Male Intellect

The Joseph Stalin Center for Human Discourse

The Joseph McCarthey Institute of Liberal Thinking

Anyway, I'll accept write in candidates as well, if you like any of these better than what I have in the poll, although that makes tabulating a little more difficult. After all, to be well socialized, I have to consider first what everyone else thinks before my own dangerously unique ideas can be expressed. And it would be great fun to write that on a college application as part of the high school transcript.