Naming Our Homeschool, A Request for Assistance
Last year, I was literally finishing up my state paperwork on the way to the department of education to submit my forms. So I called our homeschool by the rather unimaginative name of "Hanley Homeschool." This year, however, I am preparing my forms a whole week prior to their deadline and so have a whole week to think of a good name for our little academy here. I figure we need a really good one, because if your institution has a great sounding name, it sounds like you know what you are doing, even if you do not. I am setting up a blog poll to put in my side bar and you can vote all week long to tell me which name you think is best. Here are the candidates (if you can think of any others, please leave a comment!):
The John Dewey Center for Child Socialization

The George W. Bush Institute for the Standardization of Intellectual Output

The Horace Mann Academy for the Advancement of Dependence on the State

The Bill Gates Center for the Development of Human Capital

The American Journalism School for the Suppression of Speech

The Sam Harris Center for the Eradication of Religious Faith
Those summarize the general purposes of education, don't you think?

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