The Injustices of Parenting...and My Sore Lip
My Baby Bear loves to wrap himself up. In blankets, sheets and whatever will do the job. His favorite is the curtains. He holds them around his middle and spins. I worry about the curtain rods crashing down on his head so I stop him. But invariably Baby Bug then comes along, takes hold of the curtain, and begins to spin. She pauses to peek out and flashes THAT GRIN. You know the one. It disarms your serious parent look and causes at least me to bite my lip to keep from smiling back. But we cannot have such inconsistent expectations.

Sometimes, when Mouse gets angry, she will stomp that angry foot on her way to time out. I bite my tongue to give her some chance to calm herself. But then Baby Bug stomps, huffs, crosses her little arms and flashes THAT GRIN. Oh, I can already see the potential in this young lady as I bite my lip and try to give her no attention for this display.

I think she knows she's adorable.