Carnival of Kid Comedy, #16
Since we use the Principle Approach here, I will highlight my favorite principle: The Principle of Individuality. Each of our children are precious creations of a loving God, unique and wonderfully made.

Some tend to the dramatic. I think Cajun Cottage may have a young writer in the wings.

Maybe she could look to Jennifer's child when she is ready to publish. Children certainly have unique conversations.

Children tend to be unique in expressing their true desires. What good is an International Fairy Day without presents?

They are also quite adept at using our own tricks against us.

Some know how to be unceasingly adorable in their this little Mouse in Australia. Or my own Baby Bug. But she's just practicing.

All children know how to misbehave. When they conspire together the results can at times be trying and at times be humorous. Sometimes, it's a lot funnier later. Maybe her kids and Lazycreek's kids can conspire on a grander scale with all that untapped talent.

Children, especially those who have restricted television access, often come up with unique games to entertain themselves and their families..

When dad gets involved, it can only be more fun. Dads are definitely unique, as well.

Speaking of parents, our children often envision themselves as parents. How do they view this relationship? Unique, indeed.

And how do they view us? We have our unique roles in their lives, to be sure.

Children also have a uniquely concrete way of problem solving. Especially comical when this involves images of God.

And their view of the world in general? Everything fits into their interpretation somehow. Girl Ninjas? At WalMart?

Kim's still waiting for that baby, at least as of 1:30 this morning. Soon she will be getting to know yet another of God's unique miracles...and her children cannot wait.

Finally, well, yes. Leigh, your children are unique. Not remembering names and conversations with female furniture...well, children are unique, after all!

I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Carnival of Kid Comedy. Archives may be viewed here. Guidelines for submissions may be found here. If you have a humorous moment to share, feel fre to add it in a comment! May God bless your parenting!

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