I am the Ayatollah, Hitler and Ossama Ben Laden. What now?
I was so totally going to let this go. But I have changed my mind. Christianity is now equated with gassing Jews?

Thanks. Those are very "progressive and libertarian values" JJRoss.

And what isn't violent about that statement? If Christians are all Hitlers for professing faith in Christ, I can only assume we are to be eliminated...or perhaps "liquidated" would be the better term. (Just as a small question, though, which of our neighbors possessing nuclear power believes in the literal interpretation of Revelation?")

I only have this little blurb in a blog from someone who appears to be atheist himself, but what exactly does Mr. Harris have to say about torture? How and when is it good? And how is it a nonviolent approach to social reform?

If Daryl wants to draw suspicion on the Belien's for comparing Belgian officials to Nazi's, can I also throw out the words of his commentor for comparing me to a Nazi? Or to a terrorist who flew into the WTC? And perhaps be inferring that I be tortured for some end I do not know?

And Mr. Harris, I believe the Apocalypse is a Christian concept. It merely means "revelation."

Perhaps off topic, but how does someone who says this book, which is a call for a "reason-based revolution" is "right on the mark" get to be president of a theological seminary?

On a lighter note, if you haven't submitted to the Carnival of Kid Comedy, yet, please do! Submissions are due by midnight.

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