Teaching the law of kindness
A casual conversation in the car, meandering through the day. Mention of a babysitting class at the hospital starting for ten year olds. Brief mention that I thought this class might also help Mouse in her relationship with her siblings because it might help her see them in a different light. Gentle words and patience go a long way in earning someone's respect, I tell her.
"Pleasant words are an overflowing of honey, sweetness to the soul and healing to the bones." ~Proverbs 16:24
We've had this conversation so many times before, but this time is different. She seems to actually be listening and thinking.
"So it is like treating others the way you want to be treated?"
"Yes. Just like that."
She turns contemplative. I leave her with a single thought.
"You know, L.E. adores you because you always treat her with such gentleness."
We pull into the drive and I begin getting everyone in. Pajamas and teeth brushing. Straightening and gathering cleaning supplies to bring to the house. The children are strangely quiet as I hear them chatting in the kitchen and I go to check.

Spread out on the floor are the instruction brochures for her K'nex, the K'nex Bear has been asking her to play with five times a day for weeks. The little ones are looking through the brochures and picking things for Mouse to build while Bear makes a helicopter.

"A little honey goes a long way," I say and Mouse smiles.