In which I am not happy about losing all my pictures. And a dog's nose.
I was planning on giving you a little tour of the inside of our house. I thought it would be a nice starting point for chronicling our progress. But then, well, my husband went on this weird anti-Google thing he does once in awhile and deleted Picasa off the computer in search of something like Picasa that wasn't owned by Google.

That may not seem relevant, but trust me, it is.

I had a gazillion pictures on my little memory card but no real way of viewing them. OK, so I could open up the card and view the pictures through Paint, but that was annoying so I didn't bother. I figured they were safe enough where they were. Eventually, hubby dear would give up his fight with Google and reinstall Picasa. He always does.

I was right about my husband and Picasa is back on the computer. I was wrong about my pictures, however. Neither the camera nor my computer will read the card.

Now, I believe the pictures may actually be on the computer somewhere, or at least most of them. Last week, I was browsing through them using Paint until I decided it was too tedious. But I'm not exactly sure where dear hubby had pictures go when I stick the little card in the little slot. I just know it asks me what I want to do and I click OK and then my pictures are there. Except now.

So I'm holding out a smidgen of hope that dear hubby will tell Picasa where he's hiding all my pictures so that tomorrow they will all be there for me to look at. And for now, I'll leave you with an old photo because it amuses me. Taken by Bug, my four year old daughter:

If you've ever had any experience with beagles, you know they are just a nose on paws, so she has captured the essence of beagleness pretty well.