Some treasures from our new house
A few treasures from the property we will be closing on next week:

What? That doesn't look like a treasure to you? After all, a good portion of the property looks like that, especially up close to the house where most of our activities will take place. This picture, generously taken by my four year old, was taken in what will be the dog run. I thought it was quite a treasure listening to the imaginations of my children as they attempted to tame the jungle. It got a little too real for Bug, though, who decided maybe their really were lions in there.

The chicken run is in the same shape but some chicken people advised me to "...just leave it. They'll love it!" Saves me a couple days' weeding!

And there are always these, waiting to be uncovered. We've found four and I can't wait to get them painted:

People keep telling us how beautiful this property used to be. Sometimes, it is hard to believe. I mean, the view from here is pretty good.

Sitting by the bridge is like sitting in a nature preserve. I couldn't believe the number of birds I saw during one little picnic and not a single feeder is set up. Just habitat. A lot of good habitat.

But then there is so much of this piled everywhere.

I don't think they ever finished clearing the land after the tornadoes that came through a few years ago. We moved some of it, and guess what we found under one pile?

The remainders of what used to be a lovely flower garden! We even found the old border, mostly buried. A little weeding and mulching and I'm hoping this garden will again see better days, when it doesn't have to fear being buried by branches.

I'll take some more pictures once the place is ours and hopefully you will get to see it take some shape over the next few months. In my mind, it is beautiful, what with the orchard and the geese and the goats and the children running through the field. But there is an awful lot of sweat between now and my dreams...