I got new clothes
I would like the whole world to know that I bought myself some new clothes today. I've been contemplating for some time now what I thought the world needed to know, and my new clothes have finally won.

Four mix and match kind of shirts and one pair of jeans all for $30 because I shopped the clearance rack at WalMart.

And it felt good. It feels good. It feels good not to be wearing a shirt that technically is a maternity shirt. It feels good to wear jeans rather than something with an elastic waistband. It feels good to wear something with some semblance of style to it.

I won't be walking the catwalk anytime soon, but at least I don't feel like I'm entering society dressed as someone who just finished scrubbing out the bathtub. Even if I, in fact, just finished scrubbing out the bathtub.

My clothes...my nice clothes...my clothes I actually want to wear...have been hanging in my closet mocking me. I attained a minor victory last week when I learned that I had lost ten pounds since canceling my Y membership. Somehow that doesn't seem right, but there it was on the doctor's scales, and I know they wouldn't lie to me.

But it is a long way from that pair of jeans, or even that dress.

Still, I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I realized that in the car on the way home. That is a good thing, but a depressing thing. Because as some of you might recall, my last exercise stint was interrupted by the discovery that I was again pregnant. To fit into those clothes, I have to go back two babies.

No fair.

And my husband had to go and pull a dress out of the closet I wore before I got pregnant with my oldest. Yes, honey, I like that dress, too. I suppose that is why it is still in the closet, although I'm wondering if my eldest might fit into it. Was I really that skinny?

Why did I do that to myself? That dress is going to require more than replacing one meal a day with garden trimmings.

In the meantime, however, I have new clothes. And it feels good to have clothes I like that I can wear right now. Because maybe the clothes hanging in my closet should serve some purpose other than to remind me of how far I have to go before I can wear them again.

And I'd take a picture of myself except that I spilled salsa all over myself a couple hours after putting them on. Go figure. It looks like it washed out OK, but my new clothes are in the dryer.

I think I'll wear them again tomorrow (uh, today for those reading this). I'll be talking to totally different people so they won't even know.

Unless they read this blog, but then they'll understand.