A Coke out your nose kind of moment
Driving to a church picnic, a had one of those "Coke out your nose" kind of moments. Except I wasn't drinking any Coke at the time which is a good thing because I would have had to explain to the two young ladies in the back seat what was so funny. And I don't really know how to explain Queen to someone else's child.

See, my daughter and her friend began singing. First it was some country song, then a few lines from a movie. Then they changed genres abruptly and shook the car with their rendition of "We Will Rock You."
We will, we will rock you...
Stamping out the beat on the floor of the car and banging on the seats. Then the others joined in. Even little L.E. Fant clapped to the beat and Mudpuppy squealed with delight. Driving around lost with the windows down, the other drivers must have thought we were challenging them to a fight or something, but it brought back memories.

How many events did I attend in my school days where that rhythm and those words echoed throgh the stadium? It is like a battle cry.

But then my daughter had to ask where the song came from. And her friend, full of impromptu answers said,
"I think from the Huskers."