Announcing my new template & what do you see?
I hereby inform you that I have a new template because April of Question the Culture said I should have done that already.

She said, and I quote (in case you missed the part where I said "she said" or the upcoming quotation marks)
"BTW, you ought to put a notice when you change themes. I'm a feed reader and I totally missed it. It's gorgeous!"
I liked the "It's gorgeous!" part. Especially after the many hours I took to make those pictures to stick in the background. Microsoft Paint is not meant for blog design and it is not my friend.

It is so much not my friend that I'm considering not bothering finishing this template because I dread the thought of trying to make a header.

That and the whole thing doesn't quite look right on this monitor. . .the one I use most. I don't know how to fix it. I don't even know if it is the code or the settings on my computer.

So I'd really like to know what you see.

Do you see a pretty template with pictures running down the sides?

Is my daughter's head chopped off like it was for Renae of Life Nurturing Education?

Do you see a bar of yellow at the top and bottom like I do on this monitor?

Or are there other "issues" out there that I don't even know about?

Just so you know, it takes me about three to four months to forget my vows to "never do this ever again." Somewhere into the second hour of fiddling with code, I remember it. It begins to haunt me. As the hours stretch on, it begins to mock me and then, well, then I realize I'm too stubborn. Because once I've invested that much time into a project, I can't just not finish it. Then the time would be wasted.

And when I finally finish, I remind myself I'm never ever doing this again, if I have to look at the same site design until the Internet becomes obsolete. Or until next season--whichever comes first.