Run, Chicken, Run!
Our little chicks are growing fast! Here's little Bug with them when we brought them home three weeks ago.

And here she is looking at her yesterday afternoon. (Note Mouse in the background chasing her chicken!)

For anyone interested in chickens, I will note that three week old chicks smell at least six times as bad as one week old chicks. And they kick the pine chips we put in with them EVERYWHERE. I think I even found chicken droppings on the curtain behind their cage. Which is why I was not at all displeased to discover my hallway turned into a construction zone.

Hopefully they will finish up this week and the chickens can move to their outdoor home next week, right on schedule.

I can already see this chicken chasing thing is likely to be a regular activity around here.

Before the great escape, while they were still unsure whether they wanted to run past the crazy looking monster with the camera, I took a little video just because I love the way they move. And their little peeps, which will soon turn into clucks, I believe. And I got an added bonus of just a little bit of my adorable little Bug's adorable little voice.