Our new house!
I may be somewhat stuck on the couch but my mind is in its own dream world. We just bought a house. It hardly seems real. We have been talking about this so long. . . more space for our growing family, more land for our active children, goats and chickens and geese and bees and an orchard.

But suddenly we aren't just talking about it anymore. We aren't just dreaming and wishing and wondering and reading about our someday plans. Barring the unforeseen, the real work necessary to build our dreams begins June 19 when we close.

Then a little over two and a half acres shall become ours along with two outbuildings, a small creek with a foot bridge and a 2100 square foot house with a basement. Note that we currently live in a 900 square foot house on a standard size lot. I feel like we are moving to a palace.

A palace that reeks of dog excrement because the previous owners appear to have left their dog to do his thing for an indefinite amount of time before they left. A palace that needs a new roof, a lot of scrubbing and some new flooring. Oh, and paint and repair to some walls and other things that come along with buying a foreclosure. But that is all why we could afford this little slice of a dream.

And the best part? It is five doors down from where we live. A two minute walk. We can walk down every afternoon to do a bit of work on the property and we are close enough to use the land until it is ready for us to occupy. We can begin planning our orchard. The chickens can move in. The children can just run. And of course the dogs will appreciate the romping.

June 19. I'll be off the antibiotics and should be back to normal mobility by then. In the meantime, thinking of color schemes and planning how we want to use the land makes the whole convalescing thing much less bothersome.

After all, my dreams are slowly becoming reality.