Is he a good baby?
There's nothing quite like a baby to melt away the stresses of the day . . .

Even if that baby is one of the stresses of the day. Everyone asks me if he's a "good baby" and I really want clarification. What is a good baby? I mean, he does everything a baby should. He eats; he sleeps; he poops; he cries. In fact, he cries a lot . . . almost any time he is not being held.

It makes it hard to get much of anything done. But then, I'd prefer holding a baby over dishes, anyway. After all, it isn't just doting grandmotherly types who have a fixation on counting baby toes.

My little Mouse too has noticed the calming effects of sleeping babies. I don't remember what she was upset about.

But then, neither does she. A testament to the calming effects of a small baby sleeping contentedly in your arms. As is the flicker of a smile.

So I ask, is he a good baby? Even with five loads of laundry to be folded because he doesn't want to be laid down?