My first gardening flub of 2009
I was going to write about my first big gardening flub of the year. This one here:

For some strange reason, my little seedlings remind me of a Veggie Tales nursery. At any rate, I carefully planted the exact number of seeds I needed for the eventual harvest I hoped to take in. I was so excited this morning when I noticed the first seedlings peeking out. And it wasn't until then that I realized I'd forgotten something very important. Are those my eggplants? Tomatoes? Brussels sprouts? Or perhaps the green pepper?

Anyway, that was what I was going to post about. Somehow the foibles of the day are much less frustrating when you know there are tens of people out there who may read about them and smile...leave a comment even.

Comments are like these M&Ms I'm munching on. They make everything (but the waistline) better.

But then I walked back to the computer with my memory card and peeked in on my little Mudpuppy. And garden flubs or no, who could resist this little munchkin trying to munch his new froggy toy?

And who needs to know what they plant where? I'll figure it out by the time they produce fruit, right?