The difference between day and night
Dear Mudpuppy,

You are a joy and a delight each and every day. Even your fusses warm my heart, for your cry is never inconsolable. Picking you up quiets you before I even begin to take care of your wet diaper or your hungry tummy. But there is something I thought I should clear up, because it will make our time together even more enjoyable (can you believe it?), especially since Daddy is now back to work and Mommy no longer has the option of afternoon naps.

See, here on the outside, we divide our days into two major periods: a dark period we call night and a light period we call day. During the night, we generally do most of our sleeping. During the day, we generally do most of our playing. Unless you're in college, but that is another matter entirely.

At any rate, your long daytime naps do help me get some things done besides just watching you sleep. And we all do a lot of that. But when you wake up near midnight wanting me to play with you, well, suffice it to say it isn't the best time. Mommy doesn't expect to sleep through the night again for a very long time. Actually, I think it has been a long time since I really have. But a few hours all in a row would be very nice. And believe me, Mommy is much more fun to play with during the day than at one in the morning.

Your blurry-eyed but oh so joyful Mommy