When my kids don't seem to listen...now I know why
My children have strange arguments. In fact, I have come to the conclusion that they argue for the sake of arguing because I can rarely discern any other real reason behind the bizarre conflicts I overhear. Like this one:
Mouse: You can train parrots to talk.

Bear: Cannot.

Mouse: Can too.

Bear: Cannot.
OK, you probably get the point. Eventually, I hear a two-syllable, two note "Mo-om!" followed by a "He thinks..." But not this time. Perhaps my reaction, too, has become predictable. Maybe they are finally tired of hearing me say "Does that change reality?" "No." "Then don't worry about it."

At any rate, the argument fizzled out without even escalating to shouting. But when Bear came into the kitchen later for an apple, I couldn't help but ask him about it.
"What were you and Mouse arguing about? I thought you knew parrots could talk."

"Oh. That. Well, I thought she said parents. You can't train parents to do anything."
Then he left. And I thought that explains a lot about all the times I felt like I was talking to a wall rather than a small human being. The poor child doesn't even realize I can talk.