My computer is plotting against me
My computer and I are not on good terms right now. In fact, I think it is plotting against me. See, normally when I want to download something, say a pdf or an image or who knows what you might want to download off the internet, I would click a little button that said "Download." Then this weird thing would happen, and it would actually get downloaded and placed in a folder that said "Net Downloads." And the super weird thing is that when I would then click on that, it would open whatever I downloaded.

Such simplicity is mine no longer.

Now when I click that little button, my computer taunts me and toys with me. It starts to download, and then I get weird messages. A box sometimes pops up asking me if I want to save or download. "What's wrong with that?" you might ask. But it is just a ploy to divert my attention. It doesn't matter what I tell it to do, after that it will tell me the file is unsupported.

Yeah, good one computer. You really have me convinced that you can't read a jpeg. Or a pdf. Or the spreadsheet that you created and now I'm trying to download again...but that is another story.

Or it will just download the entire web page, ignoring the file I was trying to download. Which may be what that whole unsupported document warning is about. How would I know?

I just know that it never used to do this.

But this is where it gets super aggravating. And how I know that it is plotting against me:

I was going to write about my cute little L. E. Fant, but I needed a supporting picture. Finding a couple of suitable candidates on Microsoft Clip Art, I proceeded to try to download them. Unsupported file. Tried again. Same answer. Tried again. Same answer. Deleted my basket and started over. Same answer.
John? Can you come fix the computer?
Why? What's wrong?
If I knew what was wrong, I wouldn't need you to come fix it.
What is it doing?
I don't know. Nothing. That's the problem.

Finally, he comes over. And I show him what is wrong. I make my selections. I proceed to the terms of use page and agree to them. I click download.

And the pictures download just like they are supposed to.

And now I'm fantasizing about a baseball bat and a dark alley with my computer in a thousand tiny pieces. How did a successful download end up more infuriating than all the times it balked and refused?