Welcome Into The World
Can you believe I almost missed this little beauty's birthday?

Mattias Ryker

(Gift of God) - (Strength)

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Born: 02/23/09 @ 11:14am
9lbs 3oz - 21 1/2''

I even woke up at twenty to four, about half an hour before the alarm was to go off.

With everything going through my mind, who ever would have dreamed I would have then fallen back to sleep.

And that the alarm wouldn't go off.

And that we'd wake up at 5:40...ten minutes after we were supposed to be at the hospital?

I'd say that's what you get for watching Kitchen Nightmares until one in the morning, but I'm sticking with blaming it on the alarm clock. Fortunately, it only took fifteen minutes to get in the car. Without any telephone numbers or the camera, of course.

At any rate, we got there. I got hooked up to the various monitors and the nurse checked me. 3cm. Around 7:30, I was given a bit of Pitocin and things got started. When I've been induced in the past, the nurses have come in to turn up the medication several times over the course of the labor, but not this time. Shortly after 10, I was at 8cm and at 11:14, after only five pushes, I had a beautiful baby boy.

In what was quickly beginning Labor and Delivery 101. I had three student nurses observing and my obstetrician actually just observed and coached his student through delivering my fifth child...and his first. He looked almost as proud as Mattias' father was as he held him after delivery. He even asked for a picture which I'd share had I thought to ask his permission at the time.

In the end, it turned out that perhaps we had the due date wrong all along. He actually charted out at 41 weeks, given his size, the length of his hair and nails and the dryness of his skin and placenta. But he is healthy, happy and beautiful.

And I've been working on this post for two days, but would you believe how much more fun it is to stare into these eyes than at a computer screen?