Of puppies and babies
I don't think our little Copper is taking too awful well to having a new baby in the house. He seems OK. I mean other than that episode of running around the bassinet barking at it and its precious contents. That was kind of annoying and not so OK.

So he got over that quick enough and seems to like the baby fine. Now he just pees all over the house. He had gone three weeks without a single accident, but suddenly doesn't seem to recognize the difference between outdoors and in.

I think it is "just" anxiety. Poor puppy is stressed over changes in his pack so he pees on the floor. He needs more attention, so what do we do? Tie him out after getting tired of "accident" after "accident." I'm sure that will go a long way in solving the root problem.

Maybe I should get our puppy some chill pills.


A little over due, but some time ago, I participated in the Puppy in Training Carnival and forgot to post the link.