Scheduling baby
After a weekend of thinking I might be going in to labor...I will spare some details...I was anxious to see if all the discomfort and restless pacing had accomplished much. In one week (and one very long weekend), I went from 1 centimeter to 2 centimeters and 70% effacement. Something, but not a lot.

I have a history of going overdue. In fact, my eldest came the day before the induction date at 42 weeks. The next two made it to the induction and both were showing signs of struggling from being so far overdue. My little L.E.Fant, well, by her we figured we were heading toward an induction and ended up scheduling it for the same afternoon we began talking about it.

So she was induced on her due date and still weighed in over eight pounds.

Little Mudpuppy, too, will likely be induced. The date is set for Monday, 5:30 AM. And I'm somewhat relieved. Part of me wants the whole excitement of it being time. Of letting nature take its course and all. But that hasn't worked particularly well in the past, and if this little guy goes over, I will end up delivering without my husband around. And possibly without anyone to take me to the hospital or watch the children. And I live quite a ways from the hospital or I wouldn't worry that much about how long it might take to track down someone to help.

So yes. We've chosen induction for mom's peace of mind and so that dad can be around for almost a whole week with his little newborn bundle of joy. And I know from experience that once the little guy is in your arms, how he got there doesn't seem nearly as important.