My little black boot
Bunny Trails was kind enough to share her new red boot, and it so struck me I decided to share my old black boot.
It is so not me. Black leather? That spiky little heel? Lace up boots? Boots in general? Please. Not even in a foot of snow, and that little boot wouldn't do much for me in winter anyway. These are my shoes:

Notice the general supremacy of comfort and function over any sort of flashiness. Because those two qualities are all I look for in a shoe. But in a key chain? I think its "so-not-me-ness" is what so thoroughly amused me when I found it tucked in the purse I had bought. And why I couldn't resist putting my keys on it, although the key chain is as bulky as all my keys. And why I still carry it, although the purse has long since worn out and been discarded.

That and it fits great on a finger, which then entertains babies in shopping carts remarkably well. You just have to be on the lookout for when said babies get bored. Otherwise, it just might be possible that you'll find yourself paying for those few minutes of contented shopping bliss with a long and frustrating search.

Not that I'd know from experience or anything. It just seems like it could happen.