Works for Me Wednesday: Permanent Marker
The point of permanent marker is to be, well, permanent. Which is a great quality when labeling the insides of your children's jackets or the outsides of their lunches. It is quite a frustrating quality when someone in your family has determined that markers are markers and they should all be stored together, whether they are permanent, the wet-erase markers I use on my whiteboard or the children's washable markers.

But I'm sure we're not the only family who has had a mishap with a permanent marker.

On a whiteboard? No problem, so long as you have a dry erase marker around. I found this out after writing on a school whiteboard with a permanent marker. Oops. But all you have to do is color over it completely with a dry erase marker and wipe away with a dry cloth. It may take a few applications and a little elbow grease, but it comes up.

And on your brand new kitchen table? The sort of retro one you just bought with your Christmas money that is almost an antique and would be over $1000 if you had bought it new? The children were coloring on the paper, but permanent marker bleeds through pretty bad. And that left little marks ALL OVER MY TABLE!

Would you believe toothpaste? Cover the marks and leave it sit for a minute or two. It wiped up as easily as washable marker. You might want to make sure you have no abrasives in your tooth paste or you may run the risk of damaging the finish. Or try it on that inconspicuous spot like professional cleaning solutions always warn.

Or just have a brief tantrum and proceed to cover your entire table in toothpaste while you mumble under your breath about children, spouses, messes and how nice things should last at least a month before being permanently scarred by daily living.

Hey, it worked for me.

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