Puppy Pictures
I have been trying to get some pictures of Copper, our new Beagle for a half-finished post that just really isn't worth reading without the accompanying photos.

But I've come to realize that photographing Beagles is about like photographing children. As soon as you realize the moment is camera worthy, it is over. And unless you live behind your camera, the rest of the world misses most of those moments.

What? You don't see the perfect Beagle pose, standing at attention with a half-cocked head, floppy ears and inquisitive eyes? He looks at me like this a lot. It is his "OK, I'll let you have a turn" look after I've told him to stop barking at the wind, chewing on the corner of the sofa or rolling in anything that stinks. Except he seems confused by the fact I don't take my turn at these obviously superior pastimes.

Here he is in an almost perfect show dog stance. If only he'd face the direction you want. He was looking at me a moment before, but there are many more interesting things at the dog run than me and my camera. So alas, the other end of the dog, again.

What is he looking at so intently? Anything but the crazy lady calling his name. She won't even roll in dried dog doo. Why would he pay her any mind?

Ah, but we have another dog: Hunter. A lab mix who thinks the heavens have opened and delivered him fresh bones anytime I call him. "She wants me! She wants me!" his tail and flopping tongue shout. And unless he is in the neighbor's yard barking at leaves, the mere hint at wanting him brings him into my lap at a full run. And Copper? Well, he is Hunter's little shadow and perhaps a tad jealous. See, the quickest way to get Copper's attention is to call for Hunter.

He'd hate to think he missed something. See, watch. "Hunter! Here boy!"

He still isn't exactly paying attention to me, but at least you get to see his adorable little face. That and our lab mix's bat ears. They amuse me to no end.