Veggie Wisdom
A bit of wisdom from Junior Asparagus:
Life is supposed to be a party,
But my hotdog fell out of its bun.
Which is pretty much how I end up feeling when I forget that contentment is a decision to contain my desires rather than the fulfillment of them. In fact, that is what the word really means (From the Online Etymological Dictionary):
1418, from M.Fr. contenter, from content (adj.), c.1400, from L. contentus "contained, satisfied," pp. of continere (see contain). Sense evolved through "contained," "restrained," to "satisfied," as the contented person's desires are bound by what he or she already has.
Are my desires bound by what I already have? Sometimes. But even though I know this, why is it so easy to think that it would be more attainable if only I had...any number of things I don't have?