Happy Anniversary...to me!
I sit here on the computer, a couple hours after my husband left for work. He's on the way to Ravenna, and I am taking some time to write a post for my homeschool blog after spending the weekend redesigning this one. As I work out an intro, I notice the date on the entry I am responding to: October 25, 2008.
Hey! Three days until my anniversary!
I think to myself. Then instantly realize that was like two weeks ago. I want to call, but he is on a train. So instead I laugh to myself.

Finally, he calls me. I answer,
You have no idea how glad I am you called!
through my laughter.

He tells me to lay off the RC before asking if I've been fermenting it. This of course just sets me into a bigger fit of laughter before I finally blurt out:
Happy Anniversary!
A moment of silence before he responds:
Oh yeah...
Just like he did last year and I did the year before that. We are not a family with many traditions, but this is one we stick to without fail. Every year, October 28th rolls around. Once in awhile, we talk about what we'll do this year, but the date comes and goes without fail. The only surprise is who will remember first.
I'm glad you don't hold it against me like most wives would.
He says.

But to do that, I'd have to remember it myself.